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‘Skeleton Crew’ are Felix Danilo and Nicole Obren; good friends from the Far North who have been playing music together for five years.


“SkeletonCrew are definitely a band to watch out for. Felix Danilo’s inventive compositions are fabulous examples of how to use some fairly ‘out-there’ harmonic ideas to enhance the music and overall effectiveness of the songs. He seems to effortlessly transfer jazz and classical theory over to the pop/rock world. Nicole Obren has a fantastic command over her voice and uses it as an expressive instrument vital to the mood and essence of the album. She is also a highly talented, rhythmic lyricist.

It’s Better I Don’t Know is a creative and articulate album channelling the brilliance of Tool, Billie Eilish, INXS and Mac DeMarco all rolled into one. A stunning debut and introduction to a band who although only at the beginning of their career, are already showing world class skills and extraordinary creative vision.”

Muzic.net.nz (Debut Album Review April 2020)

“Obren’s vocal work is commanding here, while Danilo’s guitar work and composing is captivating. At times sensual and playful, at other times ethereal and vulnerable with spaced out chill effects, SkeletonCrew’s It’s Better I Don’t Know… is a gorgeous layered journey of sounds, a parade of musical elements that enliven the ears and go beyond the conventional structures of music.”

DIVIDE & CONQUER (Debut Album Review – July 2020)

Our Music

The Skeleton Crew project is an adventure in finding new ways of expression through music while exploring our musical ability, but without having to rely on the input and availability of other musicians. With just two of us, we are a true skeleton crew!

Felix creates all the musical concepts, weaving themes together with a variety of instruments. Nicole provides a story with her lyrics, evoking a range of emotions with her smooth vocals.

Skeleton Crew will be releasing music throughout 2020 via Spotify, Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms…


SINGLE: someplace/else

An award-winning multi-layered 7:30 intrumental piece composed for Showquest 2020.


SkeletonCrew’s cover of the classic ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ (Sonny Bono/Cher), released on 24.06.20 and out across all streaming platforms.


The SKELETONCREW album: ‘It’s Better I Don’t Know’

‘in.d.tv have been going on a journey with @askeletoncrew all day listening to their ethereal floating warm vibes definitely a laxing in the summer sun album! And Synthia .. such a jam !!! Makes us want to dance down a city ally in the depths of night!!! Great work skeletoncrew.’

(IN.D.TV – Instagram)



Out now across Spotify and all major streaming platforms.


Out now across Spotify and all major streaming platforms.

About Us

Felix Danilo

Felix has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old under the guidance of Rock God, Julian Brady. He has two Musical Performance Diplomas from the London College of Music and is currently working on his Licentiate.

Over the years, Felix has played guitar and written music in several successful young bands:

Reflecks – who supported ElemenoP and Jordan Luck on tour and came third in Smokefree RockQuest Regional Finals 2018.

Stranger Paradise – won second place in the Smokefree RockQuest Regional Finals 2019.

Anon – won first place at the Youth Battle of the Bands 2020

Nicole Obren

Nicole is also a student of Julian Brady, and she and Felix shared joint lessons for years, becoming good friends (thought they didn’t speak to each other for the first year!). She has a Musical Performance Diploma from the London College of Music.

Both Nicole and Felix, with Julian and Felix’s brother Hector, play in rock band ‘Friday Night Special’ at festivals and live venues. And Nicole can often be found with a guitar in hand, entertaining visitors to the local vineyards.

Photo credits: Flash Gordon Photography | Artwork by Felix Danilo


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